Chocolate Peanut Butter Crunch

Slice heaven. That is what this slice is. I can’t believe I have taken so long to make this slice again and share it with you guys! I discovered it a long time ago and had at the time seen peanut butter and chocolate and been sold on the idea – between my chocolate peanut butter oats and this slice I am a big peanut butter and chocolate person in case you hadn’t already figured that out. It is just so more-ish. I think the reason that this slice is the ultimate winner is that it is simple, cheap and very quick to make. You can be enjoying it’s crunchy, peanut deliciousness in approximately half an hour.

So without further-ado, I present to you the chocolate peanut butter crunch. Family and boyfriend approved, my boyfriend’s actual words were ‘why has it taken you so long to make this again for me?’ He then promptly went on to eat the whole slice. While this is a healthy treat, it is best enjoyed in moderation if you can. It is vegetarian and easily adaptable to be vegan if you so desire. To top it all off it is gluten and dairy free.

To make the Chocolate Peanut Butter Crunch you will need:
1 cup unsalted peanuts
1 T cacao powder
1/2 t pink Himalayan salt
1 T coconut oil (I subbed in a tablespoon of melted butter for this and it worked perfectly fine)
2 T Brown Rice Syrup or sweetener of choice

Firstly: add the peanuts, cacao and salt to a food processor and blend until crumbly.
Secondly: in a bowl mix the peanut mixture with the remaining ingredients. Pinch the mixture between your fingers to check the consistency – if it holds you are good to go, if not add a little water, mix and check again.
Thirdly: press the slice into a baking tin lined with paper. At this point you can top with peanut butter, or melt equal parts cacao, coconut oil and sweetener to create a chocolate drizzle. Or just leave plain.
Fourth: let freeze for at least half an hour – I promise the wait is worth it – then slice into squares and enjoy. Keep in the fridge or freezer otherwise the slice will loose shape.

This is the perfect after dinner treat, to settle your sweet cravings or a nice afternoon pick me up. I love the almost fudge-like texture it gets after being in the freezer, and the extra peanut butter on top is the best. Enjoy 🙂 x

P.S. original recipe can be found here:




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