Homemade Peanut Butter

Ah Homemade Peanut Butter. Even today this is still one of the best things I have ever made and will ever make. There is always peanut butter in my jar and it really is considered a food emergency when there is not. My addiction to peanut butter still confuses me. As a child I don’t remember eating it that often, apart from peanut butter on toast as breakfast, but even that wasn’t a regular occurrence. This is compared to the present where it really seems to be a wasted day if I haven’t had something smothered in peanut butter. I think it is just because it goes so well on everything – toast, oats, apples, carrots, celery – you name it, and I have tried peanut butter on it. As a result of this constant willingness to add peanut butter to things, I have come to be known as a bit of a peanut butter addict and so have been requested to share how I make it to many people. Often the response is ‘nooooo… it can’t be that easy’ and the great truth is that it is! So little time is required for such deliciousness. I hope this step-by-step guide will help all those people who are stuck with making their own, I will try and be as detailed as I can so bear with me and just think about the creamy goodness you will have at the end.


1kg of roasted peanuts – I sometimes use roasted and salted, although I know this is less healthy so I try to avoid it and just add my own salt!
Himilayan Pink Salt to taste

I make this using my nana’s old food processor, so those people with fancy new ones may have to shorten the times that I use, its all about watching how the texture changes, and I also find the smell changes when it is ready – but I am not sure if this is just me being crazy obsessed or not…


Beginning: Fill your food processor with about 1 cup of peanuts. I never fill mine over the middle bit, because it struggles too much. Once your peanuts are all evenly in, turn on! Beware, the initial minutes is quite loud as the whole peanuts become crumbs!

30 Seconds: Not a lot is happening at this point. The peanuts looks like a fine crumb as they begin to slowly break down.

1 min 45 seconds: The peanuts are slowly beginning to clump up. They do not yet look smooth and they wouldn’t hold together on their own.

IMG_7352    IMG_7354

2 mins 30 seconds: Progress! The oils are slowly starting to release from the peanuts. You can see that it is slowly becoming smoother and to lump together.

3 mins: At this point the peanuts are starting to release the majority of their oils and the peanut butter is nearly ready. The final stage is when the mixture begins to lump together and travel in a big clump around the food processor. My food processor normally thumps around a bit at this point, but don’t be concerned it’s only around 10 seconds before it returns to normal!

IMG_7355   IMG_7356

3 mins 30 seconds: Finished! The key difference between this step and the last step (that I find) is the change in how the mixture sounds. When it is lumped around the sides you can hear the mixture pushing against the bowl, whereas when it is finished it is much quieter and sounds like liquid in your food processor. The texture is also noticeably smoother.

IMG_7357   IMG_7200

The final product will keep for a month or so in a sealed jar. But I doubt that yours will last that long! Don’t be concerned if you see some oils sitting on top of the jar, that happens naturally from the fats in the peanuts. Just make sure you give the nut butter a good stir every few days! Enjoy and make the most of this simple, yet delicious recipe.



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