Not so Mushy Green Peas

I must say as a child the thought of green mush going on my plate never really appealed to me. Even recently (as a now 20 year old) I’m still not that fussed with placing piles of mush on my plate. So I was full of skepticism when I turned the next page in my ‘I Quit Sugar for Life’ book and saw that mushy peas were on the menu. But then I saw that potatoes and brocolli had also been included and my interest was spiked! Turns out my house had neither potatoes nor peas (typical student right?) but I decided to use some good old ingenuity and adapt the recipe. The result was good and having now made the recipe per the book I would have to say I like both just as much! So I figured that I would share my version of Sarah Wilson’s Extra Green Mushy Peas with you, so that you can compare too!

I have to sneakily say (after making the proper version) that I almost like this version just as much – if not more. It’s a little bit sweeter and just a nice combination of flavours. You don’t even realise you’re eating your two servings of greens and that is the best part! I love serving these with falafel or a fried egg. I hope you enjoy!

Not-so-Mushy-Green-Peas (Adapted from Sarah Wilson’s I Quit Sugar for Life)
2 large purple sweet potatoes
1 cup of frozen edamane (soya) beans
2 cups of broccoli
2 tablespoons of butter or olive oil (for vegan)

Firstly; Cook all ingredients. I normally just boil or steam all of them for the necessary time.
Secondly; Once cooked, combine in a bowl and add your choice of butter/olive oil. Mash all ingredients together until smooth and then serve!


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