Review: Hippie Lane App

Hi friends, as I have no recipes to share at the moment (being just about to start the I Quit Sugar 8 Week Programme) I thought I would try out something different instead and give you a review of something which I have been using. As a poor student, spending money on anything normally results in a debate in my head something like: “why do you need it”, “how many times will you use it”, “will you actually use it again”, “don’t lie to me, be realistic” and as a result by the time I purchase something I expect it to be bloody fantastic because I have convinced myself to spend money. So after waiting for at least six months, a couple of weeks ago the money spending side won the debate when I decided to purchase the Hippie Lane App. After the endless posts on Instagram of healthy, vegan and delicious looking Mars Bars, Twix’s, Snickers Bars and Peppermint Slice I really could not resist any longer. If you haven’t heard anything about the app, I will give you the low down.

IMG_9546 IMG_9736

It was developed by Taline Gabrielien (check out her website here and to die for instagram account here) a gorgeous and creative lady who also loves sweet things and was determined not to give them up after learning she had intolerances to wheat, dairy, eggs and soy. The hippie lane app is the result of over a year of hard work and dedication to making treats healthy. Taline focuses on nourishing her family and proving to anyone that living with food intolerances does not have to be restrictive. The design and photography is breathtakingly good and the app’s interface is easy to navigate and use. But really, the most important thing when purchasing a recipe app is the recipes.

IMG_9553 IMG_9613

The focus is definitely on vegan treats (I have not purchased the two upgrades yet which contain savoury and breakfast options). Many of the recipes are raw, while a few require cooking. The common ingredients are mostly staples in raw and vegan kitchens – lots of nuts, dates, coconut and rice malt syrup. Some recipes also seem to require a few extra fancy powders, which left me wondering how crucial they were to the recipe if I did not have them. The recipes are all definitely loaded with calorie heavy ingredients, so it is best to watch your serving size and stick to the suggestions. At present I have tried four recipes off the app. The chocolate mousse, salty caramel popcorn, neapolitan chia pudding and triple layer chocolate banana slice.  Because of the ingredients and their expense I definitely consider making these recipes a treat. The recipes have all been perfectly laid out, clearly written, easy to follow and timed accurately. They have, obviously, also tasted delicious and have been enjoyed by healthy foodies and skeptics alike.

IMG_9737 IMG_9398

Long story short: if you love raw vegan treats and having fun making layers with food and spending time in the kitchen then this is the app for you. I would maybe avoid it if, I had a date or nut allergy, but that is at your discretion. The one thing that is certain is that the photography and food porn alone meant it was worth it for me.

IMG_9447 IMG_9611


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