I Quit Sugar Weeks Five and Six

After a hectic last week of exams I’ve gotten a little behind in my I Quit Sugar Eight Week Programme Diaries, so I thought I would combine the last two weeks to simplify things. In these last two weeks, I felt like I have really settled into the programme. I am feeling in tune with this way of living. My body is feeling the best it has felt in a long time and I feel full of energy and life. It is really satisfying to feel this way after the tough first couple of weeks. Now I am looking forward to the final two weeks and what lies after the programme.

IMG_0504  IMG_0527

What I Ate: 

Breakfast: After the horror of no gluten during Clean Week, I was beyond excited to see porridge on the menu in Week Five. For my first morning of porridge, I got a bit excited and pimped the recipe with pumpkin puree and coconut cream, it was pretty much heaven in a jar. The next day I managed to stick to the recipe (only adding zucchini) and it was still delicious. Another winner of this week for everyone in the family was the Paleo Veggie Smash – the feta and avo spread in particular has already reappeared on toast since! Breakfast for Week Six featured one of my surprising favourites so far – Chia Pudding. I have made Chia Puddings before, and have failed to enjoy them, however, this recipe was spectacular. Maybe it was because we were having fruit for the first time in four weeks or because I knew what to expect taste and texture wise this time, regardless it was amazing! In short, breakfast has always been my favourite meal of the day and these recipes are ensuring that breakfast definitely remains my favourite.

IMG_0542 IMG_0553

Lunch/Dinner: Because we have had so many meals over the last two weeks, I will just recount my favourites. The outstanding meal of Week Five was the ‘Tandoori Chickpeas’. The tandoori flavour was absolutely divine and worked really well with chickpeas in place of chicken. The whole meal felt very light and refreshing with the addition of green veggies to the rice and I will definitely be making it again for sure. My other favourite of Week Five was the abundance bowl – they are just so easy to whip up and the combinations of ingredients are endless. Week Six brought another stand out meal: Pesto Chickpea Zoodles. I am not normally a big fan of soggy cooked Zucchini and this meant that I am one of the few people who had not yet attempt Zoodles as a pasta replacement. I have to admit I was still skeptical making this meal. However, the programme proved me wrong again and I loved it! The zoodles weren’t soggy at all (they were a little watery, but this could probably be fixed with better draining) but the pesto flavour was delicious and the chickpeas added great crunch and texture. My other favourite from Week Six was the Root Veggie Rosties. My one complaint of the programme so far has been too many salads and leafy greens. So I loved the incorporation of these fritters as a different way to eat vegetables. Beetroot and Kumara helped make these fritters sweet and the pea salsa on the side was the perfect touch. To say the least the meals on the programme are outstanding and they just keep getting better.

IMG_0591 IMG_0604

Physical Changes:

With the stress of exams and starting a new job, I think my skin has faired fairly well and I definitely credit this to the programme. From my observations my skin has looked more vibrant and luminous lately, and my nails are definitely starting to strengthen up – so positives on these fronts. After my weightloss of around 4-5kg in the first weeks of the programme I think I am now at a stable, happy and healthy weight.

IMG_0617 IMG_0646

Emotional Changes

How I Felt: As I hinted at above over the last two weeks I have really began to understand why the programme is so successful. I feel vibrant and full of energy most days. I am no longer saying “I’m tired” all the time and I just feel happier in general. I think part of this is that I have never felt more confident in my body and this translates into self love everyday because I don’t feel as controlled by food anymore. Prior to the programme if there was chocolate in the fridge, I always felt like it was always in the back of my mind and I would have to eat it. Now, after six weeks that feeling is gone. I’m really proud to say that I have not lapsed once on the sugar side of things throughout the whole programme. I had my biggest test last week at an Engagement Party, full of beautiful delicious, handmade desserts that were eaten by everyone around me. At this point, I knew that one piece of slice would not harm my progress but I wanted to try and do the whole eight weeks without a treat if I could, so I soldiered on.

IMG_0750 IMG_0761

However, In the interest of being completely honest, in the last week I have had a few more treat foods than normal – but no sugary ones. After exams, I really felt like treating myself with something delicious so my boyfriend and I went out for burgers (I had an amazing veggie one) and followed it up with some hot chips. Hot chips have always been a favourite food of mine, and I felt no guilt in eating them when I knew that I would be having my normal veggie filled meals the next day.

IMG_0846 IMG_0877

In summary, the past two weeks have been the best yet. I’ve started to get a little nervous about how I will go off the programme and whether my will power is strong enough to continue to keep me away from the sweet stuff – but that is a struggle for two weeks away! As normal, I am happy to answer any questions below 🙂


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