I Quit Sugar Weeks One, Two and Three (Round Two)

As many of you know, last year I completed the I Quit Sugar Eight Week Programme for the first time, and I loved it. I may not have been a complete sugar addict, but I did love my chocolate, and cookies and ice cream…. well, maybe I was a sugar addict… However, after the completing the programme I had a new found respect for what my body could feel like with controlled amounts of sugar and I liked it. A lot.

During the programme I felt confident, happy and comfortable in my own skin. I loved the variety of recipes, how ingredients were used and when it was all over I found it easier to maintain an ‘I Quit Sugar’ lifestyle. Don’t get me wrong, I ate plenty of treats at Christmas and on holiday with my family. But I was now far more comfortable and happy to say no to the everyday things – like the lollies/chocolate that come around the office or the cake at someone’s birthday. I had a greater understanding of when I wanted sugar and, more importantly, when I would actually enjoy it. I toyed with the idea of doing the programme again over summer, as I was really keen to have a go at the vegetarian meal plan and get some more inspiration. My decision was made for me when I Quit Sugar contacted me and asked me to come on board as an Influencer – I was delighted to say the least!

I got to have a sneak peak at some of the recipes coming up on the programme – which got me even more excited…

However, when the time came to start the programme life was completely chaotic which has meant I haven’t been able to follow the meal plan as much as I would have liked over the last three weeks. Weeks One and Two were the last two weeks of my summer internship at a law firm in another city. I’ve had one of the funnest summers of my life with my fellow clerks and I absolutely loved the work I did. These two weeks were spent having catch ups, and dinners out with friends and going to concerts to celebrate the end of an amazing summer. While I made a very conscious effort not to eat any sugar while I was wining and dining (with the exception of a drunken strawberry shake in McDonalds one Saturday night) I definitely wasn’t getting in the vegetable intake that the programme provides.

Week Three saw me heading down south to the student party capital of New Zealand. I had the best couple of days partying up a storm and making the most of summer before University starts again. To be completely honest, I drank a lot and ate a lot of fries, but I have zero guilt about it considering how much fun it was and because I am completely confident that I will be able to get back into my normal routine in no time. The end of Week Three has brought me back to my home town and back to normality. I’ve been to the gym three times in three days, cooked my own meals and gotten plenty of sleep – a big change from my previous weeks! I’ve cooked up a storm this weekend to get me ready for my first week back at University and ensure that all my food is prepped and ready to go. I didn’t realise how much I had missed cooking until I spent a day in the kitchen and loved it.

Hopefully that has updated you with everything I Quit Sugar related and just how I have been in general. Week four brings clean week and the cutting out of alcohol, caffeine and gluten. Gluten is always the big worry for me because I am such a bread lover – but I am sure that I will make do and should be back next week with another update.


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