Tumeric Smoothie Bowls and I.Am.Company

With the days getting warmer it was the perfect time to start indulging in smoothie bowls for breakfast again. With its beautiful tropical colour, this smoothie really makes you think that summer can’t be that far away! The beautiful yellow colour comes from the Tumeric Latte mixed used – a beautiful sample that I got from my I AM Company Delight Box this month!


I AM Company is one of the newest companies that I am absolutely delighted to be working with as an Ambassador. The premise behind I AM Company and their Delight Boxes is to supply people who need a little extra nourishment in their lives with a health product sampling box. The boxes contain anything from food, to toiletries and natural beauty products. All of the products which are included in the box are free of all nasties and are nutrient dense – they all aim to add to our health in some way. In addition to the box containing beautiful products, it also contains a delicious recipe and other tips and tricks on living a healthy and happy life such as yoga poses!


I’m currently waiting to receive my third ever Delight Box and I can’t wait for it to arrive! I’ve loved all the different products that I have received so far – especially the natural beauty ones and this is an area which I am definitely getting more and more interested in. The best part about the whole process is that it is like getting a little present each month, which is full of all kinds of surprises! As I mentioned earlier, one of the products I received in my September Delight Box was a Tumeric Blend from the Nut Mylk Co. I was honestly a bit skeptical about how this flavour was going to come off, as it is made of a blend of tumeric, cinnamon, ginger cardamon and black pepper, but my skepticism was short lived as it was delicious! I incorporated it into a number of smoothies and it was delicious every time.


Tumeric Smoothie Bowl

1 frozen banana
1 frozen courgette
1 tsp tumeric blend from Nut Mylk Co
1 cup plant based mylk – I used the original coconut milk from Little Island which also came in this month’s Delight Box
1 scoop vanilla protein – Clean Lean Smooth Vanilla from NuzestNZ is my fav
Optional extra: handful of spinach
Toppings: homemade granola, berries, peanut butter

First: Place all the ingredients (except for your toppings in a blender). Blend until smooth! If your blender isn’t super powerful, then you may need to stop and give it a stir a couple of times to ensure it blends up and some additional liquid may be necessary to get you to the beautiful smooth texture.
Second: Pour into a bowl, add your favourite toppings and enjoy!


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