Recently,  I have been working and collaborating with heaps of brands and they have been giving me heaps of offers for all of you guys to take advantage of! I’m beginning to loose track of them all, so I figured I would pop them up here in one easy reference place for you all.

The Muesli @themueslisugarfree and #SugarFreeSeptember, at (

Earlier this year I was asked to come on board as an ambassador for #sugarfreeseptember by The Muesli Co. As an avid sugar quitter, I was very excited to be able to say that I would love to come on board and am really enjoying the challenge so far. For anyone who is wanting to purchase some of their delicious muesli, enter the code ‘AMELIA10’ for a discount at the checkouts!

I am Company and their Delight Boxes, at (

I am Company is a new New Zealand company which brings you a monthly subscription box full of new health and wellness products to sample. Let me tell you, there is nothing better than getting a present at the start of every month and I am always trying my best to get the products in each box to last as long as possible! Georgie and her team deliver not only amazing products in the box, but gorgeous recipes and healthy lifestyle tips that really make it an amazing product. If you enter the code ‘KITCHEN10’ at the checkouts then you will be able to receive $10 off your first Delight Box!

Square Organics at (

A beautiful, natural protein bar made with no nasties and in many delicious flavours! Perfect for a snack on the go or a delicious post-workout treat. Enter the code “kitchenofamelia” at the checkout for 20% off! This means you can try an entire box (I recommend the box with all the different flavours) for only $23.99!

NUZest NZ (@nuzestnz), at (

With protein being such an important part of any diet, I am very careful to ensure that I get adequate protein in every day and the Clean Lean Protein offered by NUZest is one of my favourite ways to do that. The most important part of this product is the wholesome ingredients used – especially the lack of artificial sweeteners – however, don’t think that means you have to compromise on taste. All of the flavours are 100% delicious!

Pic’s Peanut Butter @picspeanutbutter at (

Anyone who knows me, also knows that I am mildly obsessed with peanut butter so working with Pic’s is a dream come true. I can eat all of their peanut butters by the spoon (jar) full!