Before having the intention of starting my own blog, my food curiosity and love for recipes has lead me through numerous food blogs around the internet in search of healthy recipes. These are normally where I find my recipes to experiment with, along with my own cook books. So it is my intention to slowly add the blogs onto this page, to become a resource for you to use as well because they all contain great recipes, information and are just fun to read and look around – if you are that way inclined.

Jessica Sepel (@jshealth), at (

Probably my favourite health and wellness influence and idol at the moment. I have always loved Jess’ recipes – her book ‘The Healthy Life’ is one of my favourite cook books of all time. But recently I’ve really come to identify with Jess’ way of life and her emphasis on manifesting your goals, being mindful and loving yourself. Definitely check out Jess if you are looking not only for food inspiration but general life inspiration as well!

Dana (@minimalistbaker), at (

There are few food blogs that I check religiously every week (every day) but Dana’s blog is definitely one of those. Her recipes are all plant based and most are gluten and dairy free as well. They are also all super simple and delicious! I can loose myself for hours on this blog and would recommend for anyone who is struggling with plant based options. Minimalist baker also has heaps of resources for people wanting tips on food photography and starting their own food blog – definitely worth a read if you are interested.

Lindsay (@pinchofyum), at (

Another gorgeous food blog that I check religiously. Lindsay’s blog has so many gorgeous and indulgent and delicious recipes. I wish I had time to try them all! There are plenty of plant based options, and some very delicious treats – if I could recommend one it would be the peanut butter chocolate chip cookies – definitely not healthy but sometimes the treat is worth it! If you’re after a healthy recipe to try – the sweet potato pizza base is super easy and yum.

McKel, at (

I cannot recommend going and having a look at this blog enough. It is written by McKel, a certified nutritionist, and the amount of beneficial information, not to mention the vast number of recipes on her website is astounding. Nutrition Stripped is often my go to blog for questions about the food I am eating. McKel does great break-downs of some really basic concepts such as superfoods, green smoothies, pre and post workout eating. If you want information look at some of her ‘101’ posts. They give great fundamental information to help build knowledge and I find, are very interesting. Lots of the ingredients she uses can be quite expensive and specialised, my approach is to take the base of the recipe and try and work with what I have got. My favourite recipes would have to be the green smoothies!

Eleanor Ozich of (

I originally found this blog through one of the national newspapers here, the NZ Herald. This blog does a weekly feature promoting healthier forms of favourite recipes which caught my eye and lead me to her blog. She has just launched a cookbook, which I am keen to save up for. These recipes, I find, are a bit more gourmet than the standard clean eating, while still remaining healthy and using great ingredients. There was a great post about ‘how to make green smoothies’ which was the start of my smoothie love and I have a number of other recipes in my waiting list from this blog.




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